Cognitive and Learning Assessments


Cognitive and Learning Assessments conducted across all age ranges from kindergarten and school age children through to adolescents and adults of all ages. Thorough, comprehensive assessments provided with specific focus on presenting issues such as inattentiveness, distractibility, auditory processing or memory problems. When children appear not to be able to understand or respond to a parent’s or teacher’s instructions due to visual or auditory processing difficulties, low literacy or mathematical problem solving, language based problems or low achievement due to “giftedness” an assessment may be warranted. These assessments can be vital to understand how a child is learning, what problems may be in evidence and how their learning progress can be improved with practical recommendations for parents and teachers.

Our psychologist is specifically trained in conducting cognitive and learning assessments for children and if required, for adults. Comprehensive reports are provided for the school with practical strategies for teachers to create an effective individual learning plan for their student. It is important if a child is found to be struggling in the early years of schooling that their cognitive function level is determined so that if there is evidence of an intellectual disability, or low cognitive function, then an appropriate funding application can be prepared by the school.


Along with the current implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by the Federal Government these assessments can be helpful in supporting the case management plans for individual children and those who may be receiving a Disability Support Pension (DSP). Information on how this might work can be discussed with our psychologist.